The God within you

Handbook of self-awareness and spiritual awakening for prosperity and abundance through other dimensions


The God within you



“One night, I had a dream and woke up…I saw there was a fine line between the visible and the invisible and from there people could have access to abundance. This way, lots of people walked up a steep mountain to cross the imaginary line and see into the other dimension. Those who went over there came back and made groups of people who had seen the other side, so as to live in harmony on Earth, for the rest who were not privy to the secret to abundance were so different that these two kinds of people couldn’t coexist…What is it that earthlings haven’t seen yet? His Divine Dimension.

The phoney lights are bound up with life. The illusion of noise that keeps you alive. This justified cause that rejects and cancels you. It is your fairytale. You don’t want to part with it; you grew up with it. Dazed as you are, you follow your thoughts that dance at their own pace, dragging you into their chaos. Those who sleep cannot hear, they only talk in their sleep. The entire humanity is alone and make noise in order to make themselves heard. Whoever wakes up here to withstand the light goes through death, so as to stay here. Death before death is a one-way street. Only disassociation can get you out of your lethargy. Order, harmony, self-awareness lead you to balance. Self-observation finally makes you God. To become God, though, you need to live as human…”

*Εxpected to be released in English



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