Akroasis is a platform that aims to bring the theater scene through technology to every home with a different approach since it aims beyond entertainment, self-awareness through the modern heroes of our writers, but also to teach the psychotherapeutic properties of art through seminars - sessions to every person who wants to know himself in depth.

On this page you will learn how the art of acting in combination with other psychotherapy techniques contributes to self-awareness and in what way. You will find many different paths through the projects, articles, seminars, books and podcasts that will lead to the same point. To answer the big question:

Who am I?

Also, akroasis, in continuation of the organization of the arts of the previous years, now gives the possibility of buying the rights of theatrical texts in Greek and English, the possibility of viewing and promoting any kind of art in electronic form such as online performances, audio performances, acting and alternative seminars treatments. !

If you want to discover new projects and showcase your work through Akroasis.gr please send us your proposal to info@akroasis.gr and we will do our best for you and your career!

The God Within You

Manual of self-awareness and spiritual awakening for prosperity and abundance through other dimensions

Manual of self-awareness and spiritual awakening for the person who wants to to know the God hidden within him by overcoming himself and to manage to live according to the most incredible scenarios he could ever think of!In this book you will learn how to heal the wounds of the past and get rid of all burdens so that to create space for all that you really want.Because what is not healed repeats itself!

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Articles From The Kingdom

A few words about our project.

People from the art field started working in 2016 on an idea of Vasilia Diminidou to bring together the right people to do a successful job in the art field. After its successful run, Akroasis is now moving to the next phase by creating a new kind of combination of theater and cinema by presenting a series of online theatrical performances shot in film format.

Vasilia Diminidou

Vasilia Diminidou, initiator and founder of Akroasis, is an actress, psychotherapist, award-winning writer of theater and film works, columnist and acting-self-awareness teacher.

vasilia katsikaki

He has taught hundreds of people, as a result of which he wrote the well-known self-knowledge manual entitled: “The God Within” in Greek and English and in this way helped even more.

He has taught hundreds of people as a result of writing
In recent years, she opened her own office in the area of N. Ionia and offers her services and life, individually and to couples.

Vasilia Diminidou is certified in Psychopathology and has studied at the Drama school “Archi” and “Iasmos” Vasilis Diamantopoulos with a scholarship where she graduated with honors from the Ministry of Culture. He has attended many educational seminars such as the Stanislavsky method, psychological drama (psychodrama), physical theater, theater No, as well as energy therapies, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing, Clinical Hypnosis and Osho’s meditation technique. Her plays are taught by drama schools to their students.

She herself has collaborated as an actress and teacher, with great artists, but she has also presented her own works, one of which has won an award and was presented to I. Kakogiannis.

On our platform you will find some of them in online form.

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