Calm down… nothing can disturb your moment unless you allow it.
Nothing is stronger than your will to stay alive. And you are alive only in the present. You don’t have to conquer anything. Calm down. Because everything just belongs to you. That it contains a great nothingness. It’s all you need. Silence… Only in the silence of your mind can you meet it and there you will learn everything you need to know about nothingness.A nothing as great as you have never imagined… You can become aware of your true purpose in life but only when you are able to observe yourself. Otherwise you believe that the purpose of your life is your desires.

Your every desire is a pattern of your mind constantly fooling you into believing that what you are is what you want to conquer what you have already conquered. Every desire we have creates a complex in our brain that repeats our patterns.To break free from this prison of pursuits you have created for yourself you must first die in life. To be free from your body you must be able to let go. To know who you are, you must first forget who you are. You have to trust the flow.

Look at the sea… The clouds, the trees and you will understand the perfection of the universe. Because nothing in nature goes against its nature except man. When the wind blows, the trees lean towards the wind.The waves dance to the rhythm of the wind. Your body when it dies becomes fertilizer for the earth that gives birth to the tree and gives you to be able to breathe, everything is made perfectly. Man is cut off from his nature, that is why he is afraid of life.

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