What happens at ground zero? How does one get to point zero? It is something that cannot be described in words. At point zero there is no sense of time. Everything becomes clear. You have an incredible range of possibilities before you. You feel like you have access to infinity and from there you can have anything you want. The whole world. But at the same time you feel that you have him, so you don’t need to conquer him. You are in the eternal light, you are an integral part of the universe. You see that all is one. Your vision has taken on divine proportions. You change perspective.You see everything differently than you did before. The surrounding beauty of peace and abundance floods inside you and makes you feel like you are dwelling within it. You feel like you belong to the whole. You have options available and none are better than the other, they just all exist within the infinite fields of endless possibilities. You can….

Excerpt from the book “GOD WITHIN YOU” by V. Diminidou.

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