There is a time in a man’s life that he is not afraid to risk living the craziest scenario he can think of. At that moment death calls him. But then it has no value. So if you ask the dying what they regretted doing in life, they will usually tell you about all the things they didn’t do. Even when one insists that he regretted nothing he did or did not do, then he finds that he has wasted his time joking about what life is, just before the time of death comes.

Man’s ego is usually purified at that time of separation from life and his own. For the rest of his life she just ruins his life without realizing it. Perhaps the only moment such a thing crosses his mind is when his ego leaves him. 

But it is now too late. When man has learned to live with his ego and puts it above everything, things happen to him that he cannot face and overcome.He has convinced himself that he and his needs are more important than anything else on earth.

And usually wounded egos come from people being too lazy to stand up for what they want. But this is how our species is made, your ego fights you and defeats you, not recognizing its own fault, always blaming others, who did not succeed on their merits as they say, but in a thousand and two other insidious ways.

And if one achieves one’s goal by illegal means, they say, the goal justifies the means. But on the other hand, how can the lazy wounded ego withstand a pure soul that succeeds in everything? Unless his choice to stand on the sidelines is clear, but mostly honest. And this choice, however, should not be held back because it will be another route that leads back to the same point.

This success, however, is worth it for those who do not get lost at the end of the journey, who leave standing even while they are still high, without doubts, because the downhiller seeks support for company when he has no strength. And those who received them with glory and honour, the descent was even more threatening, stronger for them. So man can make his dreams come true and pay the price. And conversely not to do them and pay the price. Everything has its price. But the path of life is the journey you have to take in order to evolve as a soul. Either one way or the other.

The purpose is to receive knowledge.

The result is the completion of the circle until you go to the light.All humans serve a purpose for our soul’s evolution with each birth. Whether we are children of Africa, or warriors, or prime ministers. But also of the whole of life, and of the afterlife where knowledge is found.

A knowledge well hidden but not inaccessible.

Unfortunately we live in a world full of needs that we have created for ourselves and are completely false. Almost all our problems come from them and if you just look at him from a distance, as a simple observer you will understand that you have created a prison for yourself that you don’t like to live in.This situation does not allow you to get close to your inner self and get in touch with the universe to see what is hidden behind it. And you’re wasting your time! If we talk about fair and unfairness, I must reveal to you now that there is no such concept in the universe. It is also a creation of man.

In a perfect universe there is no question of justice.

And people have the opportunity to live in it and instead of being grateful for it we pollute it. This is the mistake that brought humanity to this point. The majority of people fail to understand that they have the upper hand in the relationship with their mind and let it create stories to create false feelings of frustration and bitterness. And then they become their captives and instead of managing them they drag them pointlessly and lose their lives. And then they come again to repeat the same mistakes until they finally learn that the prefecture is one. That, that which is not cured repeats itself. In this world the only thing man has to understand is one thing. The only real enemy of mankind is the stupidity of man to trust those who tell him he is stupid.


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